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If you are looking for professional Technicians for your computer problems you will find them here! We are a Company that works with almost everything involved with the computers world; fixing problems with the hardware, software parts of desktops and laptop. More than 10 years of experience in this field, we also create and troubleshoot networks at your home or small business.


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The most common problems on the computer world are VIRUSES  
Mostly when the computers run slow, experience under performance and/or crashes are caused by viruses. There is new viruses every day that can affect your computer and data integrity, putting on danger your personal information. So is very important for us tu give to our customer the most effective softwares to protect them from the already mentioned hackers, spywares and other malicious programs.
Tired of viruses and identity theft? Important files and documents!
We work with OpenSource software free of viruses and system errors, more stable and reliable than windows, Making your desktop or laptop impossible to be attack by malicious software and having your data more secure than ever. Feel free to contact us for more information about it! We focus on recovering all the information from every unit, checking for data integrity and scanning file by file for the threat. Copying all your documents to cds or dvds if is necessary.
Networks at home and small Business! Performance Problems?
Service at home, businesses, networks setup, and installations are also available! If your system is running slow and takes you waiting for ever to open just a web page we have an effective way to take your computer to another level, fixing errors on the registry of windows and removing unnecessary applications that runs on the background slowing down your computer, we also give you a full report of your unit for possible upgrades and if it is worth it.
Old systems Upgrade!
We can Upgrade your old computer for a very low cost Maximizing the performance and making it feel like is new!

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